Twitter Announces 100 Million Active Users

Breaking its long-time silence on sharing numbers, Twitter has announce a huge milestone today: they have 100 million active users sending tweets, retweeting, following, unfollowing and reading content on their network.

The 100 million user count is a big deal. Twitter has been notoriously shy with sharing the number of active users it has, choosing instead to cite the number of registered accounts.

This was a problem for several reasons: registered accounts represented not only users, but bots, fake accounts, long-dormant accounts and the like. Since Twitter hasn’t “cleaned house” in a while – deleting or making available inactive accounts – the number of registered accounts was over-inflated.

But now we have official word that there are 100 million active users on Twitter, right now.

Twitter explains that “40 percent of our active users simply sign in to listen to what’s happening in their world”, so they’re obviously not using the measurements that Business Insider used to estimate less than 21 million active users back in April.

In fact, Twitter is using the same measurement that Facebook uses for its active users: logging in at least once a month. We reached out to a Twitter spokesperson who confirmed that the service sees 100 million monthly log-ins, and that half of those accounts log in once per day.

It’s nice to finally see some official numbers on the active user front. And 100 million is certainly nothing to sneeze at!