Find Out How Many Of Your Twitter Followers Are Real With TwitterAudit

How many of your Twitter followers are real?

Up to 5% of Twitter users are fake bot accounts, so there’s a good chance a few of them are following you.

Free site lets you easily and quickly calculate what percentage of your Twitter following is composed of humans.

Just type in your Twitter handle and click “Audit.” Here’s mine:

Here’s how it works: each audit takes a random sample of 5,000 Twitter followers for the user you type in and calculates a score for each follower based on number of tweets, date of the last tweet, and ratio of followers to friends.

Of course, this system is imperfect but does give you a good general sense of how many of your followers are real.

If you pay attention to new accounts that follow you, it’s also fairly easy to ascertain their fraudulent-or-not status. Bot accounts won’t produce anything original or interesting in their Twitter feed, rather replying to tweets with spam or ads; and if their follower-to-following ratio is wildly out of whack that’s a warning sign.

TwitterAudit was created by data scientist David Caplan and designer David Gross.

(Audit image via Shutterstock.)

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