Twitter’s MoPub Kicks Off #BackFillForGood Initiative

The mobile monetization platform will use unfilled ad space for Covid-19 information

MoPub publisher partners can use their unfilled banner or full-screen ad space Twitter MoPub

Twitter’s MoPub mobile monetization platform came up with a way to use unfilled ad space in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Senior product growth manager Jayme Farrell-Ranker and senior software engineer Sasan Hezarkhani introduced #BackFillForGood in a blog post Tuesday.

MoPub publisher partners can use this form to opt in to #BackFillForGood with some or all of their unfilled banner or full-screen ad space, and ad creative that will fill that space will be focused on four themes:

  • Covid-19 public health information partners, including government organizations.
  • Existing #TwitterForGood partners providing specific guidance such as screen time and online safety for parents.
  • Fact-checking entities.
  • Covid-19-focused mental health initiatives.

Farrell-Ranker and Hezarkhani wrote, “As the entire world faces an unprecedented public health emergency, our team is focused on ensuring business continuity for our clients and partners and helping to amplify the spread of reliable public health information. If you have any questions regarding this initiative, please get in touch with us at” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.