Two-Step Authentication Rolls Out On

Today’s most predictable news: Twitter has finally rolled out two-step authentication.

After another recent round of high-profile hacks, apparently Twitter saw the light. And by “light,” I mean the dead-obvious value of offering users a two-step secure login that’s been available on Google, Facebook, and more platforms for months now.

Jim O’Leary from Twitter’s product security team announced the new feature via a blog post, writing,

“With login verification enabled, your existing applications will continue to work without disruption. If you need to sign in to your Twitter account on other devices or apps, visit your applications page to generate a temporary password to log in and authorize that application.”

That last part is similar to how Google’s two-factor verification functions.

Here’s how the new login authentication works: when you sign in to, you’ll be asked to register a verified phone number and a confirmed email address. But only if you volunteer for the two-step system.

Want to opt in?

1. Visit your account settings page.

2. Select “Require a verification code when I sign in.”

3. Click on the link to “add a phone” and follow the prompts.

4. After you enroll in login verification, you’ll be asked to enter a six-digit code that’s sent to your phone via SMS each time you sign in to

For more info, check out Twitter’s video tutorial below:

While the new security measure is a great bolster for user privacy, it’s best to take additional measures in protecting your account from hackers. Check out my 5 tips for protecting your Twitter account.

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