Two Weeks of Gains Place Plenty of New Games on Our List of Fastest-Emerging Facebook Titles

Our latest weekly list of emerging games on Facebook — those still under a million monthly active users — actually shows two weeks of growth today, due to a bug that left Facebook’s MAU reporting frozen for that period of time. And since this category, which encompasses all the newest apps, also tends to turn over fairly often, most of the names you can see below will be new.

The list is lead off, though, by a trio of games that have been around for a few weeks, and are headed for the million MAU mark: Jungle Life, Bike Mania 4 Micro Office and Monster World. Here’s the full AppData list of 20:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Jungle Life 890,481 +430,078 +93.41
2. Bike Mania 4 Micro Office 707,972 +417,373 +143.63
3. Monster World 869,527 +413,469 +90.66
4. Jewell Stars 655,624 +369,125 +128.84
5. Pool Master 995,181 +278,836 +38.92
6. My Empire 276,339 +270,498 +4,631.02
7. Age of Champions 341,575 +251,596 +279.62
8. Baking Life 358,483 +249,896 +230.13
9. phrases 4 fun 298,125 +240,810 +420.15
10. 瘋狂診 所 239,466 +233,057 +3,636.40
11. My Casino 873,373 +214,801 +32.62
12. Castle & Co 391,007 +213,939 +120.82
13. Bubble Paradise 358,338 +202,903 +130.54
14. Jumping Dog 727,579 +202,514 +38.57
15. My Fish 409,658 +197,472 +93.07
16. Belote 223,728 +194,743 +671.88
17. Kungfu Online — Best Martial Arts MMORPG Ever! 440,176 +184,770 +72.34
18. My Tribe 986,324 +177,286 +21.91
19. The Agency: Covert Ops 202,854 +174,381 +612.44
20. Keyboard Smash 439,520 +164,394 +59.75

We’ve reviewed both Jungle Life and Monster World, here and here. We have yet to take an in-depth look at Bike Mania, from casual developer, but it’s basically a combination of obstacle course and hand-eye coordination test; the aim is to get a tiny racer as far as possible without tipping him over.

That leaves us with the newer games. Jewell Stars, at number four, is a take on Bejeweled by Spanish developer Social Point; it’s followed by Pool Master, a billiards game. Coming in at a lowly number six — in light of the heft provided by its publisher, the mighty Electronic Arts — is My Empire, a city-building game based on the Greco-Roman polis that we found to be pretty creative. We should note, though, that My Empire appears to have really hit its stride only a couple days ago. Most likely, EA/Playfish was tweaking the game and making updates when it first launched, before pushing ads and cross-promotions to help it grow.

KlickNation is best known for Superhero City, but its new title Age of Champions threatens to become the bigger hit — not a bad problem to have. It’s one of the few heavily animated strategy titles we’ve seen to date, Sony’s Pox Nora being another. And as you can see from the screenshot below, it actually looks pretty good.

Take a look over the rest of the list — chances are we’ll see some, like The Agency: Covert Ops at number 19, rising toward the top of the list next week.

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