Twtrland Reaches 2 Million Monthly Users, Launches Instagram Integration

We’ve written about Twtrland – the analytics tool that provides a simple way to browse the social web – on a couple of occasions here at AllTwitter. I’m a big fan of the platform, and check in to see what’s going on (i.e., “Twtrland myself” – the stats are great) on a fairly regular basis.

And so do a lot of other folks, it seems, as Twtrland is now boasting 1,000 percent year-on-year growth and an eye-opening two million monthly users. Today, the company takes the next step towards a unified social ID with the launch of Instagram integration.

Twtrland profiles now include the essence of who you are based on your Twitter and Instagram activity, bound together. Check the screenshots below for a look at the statistics of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

Twtrland co-founder Eytan Avigdor tells me that the company plans to integrate additional networks in the future, including Facebook and LinkedIn, alongside niche platforms such as Dribbble and Stackoverflow. Twtrland is free and does not require an account to use, but you can sign in with your Twitter or Instagram profiles (with no strings attached) for richer features.

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