TWT’s Welcoming Committee: Toilet Paper

The Washington Times really knows how to welcome visitors to their humble abode off New York Avenue. Known for having snakes in their newsroom as well as showers, Murphy Beds and mirrors in some of the executive offices, the place isn’t the classiest of joints. But toilet paper in the grass?

Before conjuring up dreams of an all-new building, Chief Operating Officer John Martin might want to concentrate more on keeping the current surrounding grounds more picked up, which they’ve been known to do in the past. His hands must be full with current duties to overlook the mess of impending layoffs.

Nonetheless, this is the impressive first impression… visitors get driving into the newspaper. The picture here of the junky entrance to TWT was taken a couple days ago. You can see the picturesque headquarters and company sign in the background.

A TWT insider speaking only on condition of anonymity asks, “I will admit it went through my head: Did some reporter TP TWT before getting crapped on by the company?”

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