Tydlig: A Beautifully Reimagined the Calculator for Your Smartphone

A calculator can do some things very well, but we’re so accustomed to the same old model, it’s hard to see its functions as anything but what’s always been. Enters the Tydlig, it’s a new way to think about calculators and the way you use it. For starters, Tydlig lets you highlight to change and move numbers in real time; the answer automatically updates as you make changes.

In addition to giving, live, responsive answers, each equation’s answers can be linked and used live in a separate equation. The calculator will still update your numbers. Further, the calculator works like a graphing calculator, albeit more simply and beautifully than the Texas Instruments we all grew up using, therefore, a lot better priced at $4.99. It boasts a beautiful design and interface- enough to make you enjoy mathematics, almost. My favorite part about the user interface is how all of the numbers and interface can be moved around the canvas as you work.

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