Type Directors Club Prez Charlie Nix Seeks Marathon Sponsors from A to Z

Twenty-six miles. Twenty-six letters. Coincidence? Type Directors Club president Charlie Nix thinks not, and so when he decided to run this year’s New York City Marathon (his fifth) to raise money for design scholarships, it was just a matter of going from A to Z. Nix, a partner in the publishing firm Scott & Nix who has taught design and typography for over 15 years, is seeking marathon sponsorships by the letter. Donors at various levels can “buy” uppercase and/or lowercase letters of their choice.

Writer, curator, and graphic designer Ellen Lupton is on board, throwing her support behind Nix and the uppercase and lowercase “E,” Pentagram’s Luke Hayman called dibs on the interrobang, and typographer Gary Munch has invested in both cases of the letters “G” and “M.” Munch and James Montalbano of Terminal Design are among Nix’s “Hot Metal”-level supporters; having pledged $104 or more, they get special recognition with the coveted Ampersand Award. Meanwhile, we’re about to donate on behalf of UnBeige, as the letter “U” is proving unpopular. So far, Nix has raised a total of $2,335.97, all of which will go toward TDC scholarships. You have until race day (November 1) to be the generous type. Click here to donate.