Tyson Tells Greta: ‘I’m Not Sexually Driven Now’

One question: Is Mike Tyson drinking tiger blood these days?

If Monday’s sneak peak of FNC’s Greta Van Susteren’s interview with Tyson from Vegas is any indication, the final cut, which airs tonight, is going to be must-see TV. This is Tyson meets Charlie Sheen meets Britney just before she shaved her head.

Greta spent the weekend in Vegas where she  interviewed Tyson. The Washington Examiner‘s “Yeas & Nays” reported Monday that her staff had overheard flight attendants gossiping that she owned a house on the Strip. Not so, said Greta. The item also claimed that Greta “does, however, spend weekends in Vegas hanging out with Mike Tyson.”

Not so, either, Greta declared on her blog: “I would hardly describe my weekend as ‘hanging out with Mike Tyson’ –  my weekends ‘hanging out” are with my husband.'”

The Tyson preview interview:

Greta: Are you different now than you were 15 years ago?

Tyson: Yes and no.

Greta: Where’s the yes, where’s the no?

Tyson: I’m a responsible guy now. I’m not um, I don’t know, I’m not like emotionally driven now. I’m not sexually driven now. None of that stuff, um, impulses and stuff. None of that stuff move my car anymore. But I just work on improving myself now.It’s my discipline. So say I may get a jealous feeling…why am I feeling that way? How did that feeling ever come about…why the coral green? Is green the sign of what, immaturity? Green is novice, know what I mean?”

Actually, no. But we can’t wait to watch more.

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