‘U.S. News’ Ranks Top 100 Jobs of 2013; Web Developer Lands in Top 10

U.S. News & World Report ranked the 100 Best Jobs of 2013 based on a compilation of important information such as employment opportunity, salary, work-life balance and of course, job security.

Although the top of the list seems full of tech and healthcare positions, we noticed a few media-friendly jobs made the top 100.

As for the overall score, it was calculated by looking at several facets and weights associated with each one: Year growth volume (10%), year growth percentage (10%), median salary (30%), employment rate (20%), future job prospects (20%), stress level (5%) and work-life balance (5%).    

For instance, Web developer was ranked ninth on the list with an overall score of 7.8 and median salary of $77,990. There’s a significant demand for them, too. According to the Department of Labor, approximately 65,700 new developers were enter the work force by 2020.

Public relations specialist nabbed the 51st spot with an overall score of 6.2 and median salary of $53,190. In fact, there’s going to be a growth spurt in PR since it’s expected to grow by almost 23 percent by 2020.

The 76th spot belongs to art director with an overall score of 5.5 and median salary of $81,260. As pointed out in the piece, this occupation will grow the most within advertising and public relations.