U.S. Political Rants Are Most Viral Posts On Facebook

Every other second, a Facebook user reposts as a status update a viral rant about the U.S. government's budget stalemate. The rate of reposting has increased thirty-fold since last night.

With the U.S.’s tax filing deadline nearing, and an arguably embarrassing budget deal being struck between the White House and Congress, many Americans are, well, pissed. And they’ve been expressing their anger on Facebook, by reposting a status update that’s now going up at rate of one every two seconds. And these message posts are increasing in frequency:

Even late last night, when we first noticed the message spreading, the sarcastic but straightforward message was being reposted at a rate of about twice per minute. This morning, it is being reposted every other second.

People are editing the message slightly to fit their styles, most likely because of how the call-to-action sentence at the end of these posts says “if you’re so inclined.” Certainly, the variation in wording complicates any effort to search Facebook for the reposts. But no matter how individuals word these posts the essence is the same: Congress has got its priorities wrong. Implied in the message is also an anti-corporate sentiment, especially in times when services for the needy are in real danger once again.

Have you seen this post on any of your friends’ walls and have you contemplated reposting it?

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