Uber New York Rolls Out Consumer Magazine

Olivia Palermo covers the inaugural issue of Arriving Now.

Timed to coincide with New York Fashion Week, and limited to the NYC area, Arriving Now is the ride-sharing service’s flipside to Momentum, a magazine perk for drivers launched in the spring. Here, the idea is for riders to peruse a copy while getting from A to B. For Issue No. 1, the start-up co-opted a fashionista cover girl with oodles of Twitter followers – Olivia Palermo.


From the looks of things, the Palermo cover story is brief, sitting on one page across from an infographic and column offering “Pro Tips for Riding to and From Show Venues.” Riders are being encouraged to exit Uber vehicles with their “free” copy of Arriving Now.

Predictably, the Twitterverse is having some fun with the idea of Uber getting into the consumer print game. Below, a few sample tweets.

[Photo via: @Uber_NYC; H/T: TechCrunch]

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