Uber to Expand Late-Fee Policy to More U.S. Cities This Month

Uber introduced a number of new features and changes for its drivers, including an expansion of its late-fee policy to more cities.

Uber introduced a number of new features and changes for its drivers, including an expansion of its late-fee policy to more cities.

Uber’s late-fee policy charges users a fee if they make drivers wait more than two minutes at pickup locations. Uber began testing late fees and cancellation fees in Dallas, New Jersey, New York and Phoenix earlier this year. The late-fee policy will expand to one-dozen U.S. cities this month, with more coming soon.

Uber also announced the following changes and features:

  • Twice per day, drivers will have the option to input their destinations, and they will only receive Uber requests that are on their way. This feature has been in testing in a limited number of U.S. and international cities, and it will expand to more than one-dozen U.S. cities this week, with more coming soon.
  • Drivers can now pause new requests from coming in while they’re completing their last trip. This feature will begin testing later this month in “several U.S. and international cities.”
  • Instant Pay is now available in all U.S. markets, following a pilot test in San Francisco and a few other cities earlier this year. Instant Pay allows drivers to receive payments as often as they’d like for free through a GoBank Uber Debit Card.
  • Uber drivers who also use Uber as passengers can now receive discounts on their future passenger trips. Specifically, Uber is testing a feature in a few cities that gives drivers 15 percent off an uberX ride for every 10 trips they complete in a week, or 50 percent off an UberBLACK ride for every 20 trips they complete in a week.

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