Ubisoft Launches Face Up: The Selfie Game on Mobile

The multiplayer quiz game is similar to charades, and it allows users to act out expressions for other users to guess by taking selfies.

Ubisoft announced the release of Face Up: The Selfie Game on iOS and Android. The multiplayer quiz game is similar to charades, and it allows users to act out expressions for other users to guess by taking selfies.

In Face Up: The Selfie Game, users can challenge their friends or strangers to two-player matches. In each game, players will take selfies as they make faces based on emotions or other prompts.

Specifically, on each turn, a user can choose from three expressions or prompts to act out. As examples, users may be able to select options such as “migraine” or “cute.” Once a user chooses an expression, they’ll need to take a selfie as they act out the expression. Users have the option to decorate their selfies with stickers.

Once a user takes a selfie, the opposing player will see the selfie and the same three options, and they must choose the option that matches the selfie.

While the game contains a free selection of expressions to act out, users can purchase additional expression bundles in the game’s store. For instance, players can purchase bundles based on “music” or “romance,” among other themes.

Finally, in addition to playing with other users online, users can play against others in the same room by sharing a single device.

Face Up: The Selfie Game is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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