Ubitus and China Mobile Offer Cloud Based Mobile Gaming Solutions

At the China Cloud computing Conference recently held in Beijing, Ubitus and China Mobile announced a cooperative mobile gaming framework based on China Mobile’s Big Cloud platform. Over 3,000 attendees came to the convention, organized by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and co-organized by the International Federation for Information Processing China Committee, to listen to speakers from leading institutions.

At the Big Cloud 1.0 press conference, Ubitus revealed its cloud computing solutions followed by a discussion of cloud computing technology by Dr. Bill Huang, General manager of China Mobile Research Institute. Ubitus’ Game Cloud solution based on China Mobile’s Big Cloud platform will essentially enable players to access web-based titles through 3G or WiFi connections without the need to download extra software.

“According to a study by Morgan Stanley, the market size of virtual goods in the gaming industry in China is estimated to have hit US$ 2.2 billion in 2009 with a spiking annual growth rate,” said Wesley Kuo, President and Chief Executive Officer at Ubitus. “We have strong reasons to anticipate a prosperous future ahead in mobile gaming and intend to cooperate fully with China Mobile on developing the Game Cloud solution.”

Ubitus currently has 80 employees in multiple asian countries and is focusing on proliferating its efforts in providing new-age services that utilize cloud computing solutions. Some of their notable services allow content providers to deploy rich media on multi-devices in addition to the provision of social features. Although we don’t have specific details of what the solution provides, we’ll be on the look out for details.

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