Ubuntu One Contacts: Free iPhone App to Sync with Ubuntu One Cloud Storage

When most people think hear “Ubuntu”, they think “what is that?”. When a tech geek hear’s it, a free, well respected and popular version of Linux comes to mind. Howver, Ubuntu also has a cloud service named:

Ubuntu One

Its slogan is: Store, sync and share – Back up your life with Ubuntu One. If you subscribe to this service and own an iPhone, you might be interested in a recently released free iPhone (and iPad) app that sync iPhone contacts to Ubuntu’s cloud service.

Ubuntu One Gets iPhone App For Contact Sync

Unfortunately, the only review for the app notes that it didn’t work for that person (your mileage may vary).

Ubuntu One provides 2GB of storage for free. Their 50GB storage plan costs $10 per month ($120 per year). At that price, I will stick with Google Storage which charged me $50 for year’s storage of 200GB.

Via Slashdot: Ubuntu One Gets iPhone App For Contact Sync