Ubuntu Unity & Ubuntu Light: Would You Dual Boot Windows & Linux Regularly?

The last time I updated Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR 9.10) on my netbook, my netbook lost its ability to charge its battery. So, I’m happily running the soon-to-be-defunct Moblin on an Acer Aspire One and am waiting for MeeGo (the combination of the Intel Moblin and Nokia Maemo projects) to mature. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was just released a week or two ago. But, given my bad 9.10 experience, I’m in no rush to test out Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition (no more UNR branding).

But, Ubuntu keeps trying to innovate (and generally succeeds). So, I’ll probably take a look at 10.04 on a netbook in the near future just to take a look at Unity:

Unity, and Ubuntu Light

Unity is a lightweight desktop interface designed to let people switch tasks between a few frequently used apps. Unity is available today but appears to be targeting Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 for a full release.

Ubuntu Light is designed for a dual-boot environemnt (boot Microsoft Windows or instant-on Linux) that can be installed by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). I’m not sure, however, that the average notebook or netbook toting person wants to dual boot Windows and Linux.

Via Ostatic: Ubuntu Spreads Out to Svelte, Lightweight Netbook Editions

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