UCLA Finance Professor Discusses His Entourage Cameo

Entourage isn’t what it used to be. It can be painful these days. Especially skinny Turtle–who seems to exist for no other reason than product placement. And yet, for reasons beyond our comprehension, we persist in watching. For those of you out there like us, you may remember that UCLA Anderson School of Management finance professor Bhagwan Chowdhry had a small cameo on the show several weeks ago, where he briefly told Vince about his idea to open a $100 savings account for every child born on the planet. The plan is called “Financial Access at Birth.”

The Daily Bruin‘s Rachel Garcia recently spoke with Chowdhry about the idea and how it wound up on the show. Apparently, the show’s casting director Susan Abramson had gotten wind of Chowdhry’s plan, loved it, and asked him to make a cameo so he could promote it. Chowdhry had never watched Entourage before, but eventually came around to the idea. He’s glad he did.

“I have to say the FAB campaign has received a lot of press in the usual press: The Economist, Fast Company… But the reach of Hollywood is very different. And it’s very deep.”

You can listen to Garcia’s full interview here and read more about Chowdhry and FAB in this 2010 Daily Bruin profile.