26% Of UK Consumers Use Twitter (56% Facebook, 35% YouTube) [STATS]

A study has revealed the extent to which social media has penetrated the public consciousness in the United Kingdom, with Twitter becoming increasingly popular, notably amongst the younger demographic.

26 percent of UK consumers now use Twitter, proposes a Kantar and TNS Omnibus survey, compared to 56 percent who use Facebook and 35 percent who are active on YouTube. Google+ (19 percent), LinkedIn (18 percent) and Instagram (13 percent) are also relatively well established.

Twitter is most popular amongst the 18-24 demographic, with 64 percent active on the platform, and least liked amongst older users. Instagram also scores well amongst 18-24 year-olds.

Twitter’s penetration throughout the UK breached two in five people in 2013 (note that penetration rate includes younger users), and this figure is expected to climb in the years to come, reaching 26.6 percent by 2017.

(Source: eMarketer. Great Britain flag image via Shutterstock.)