UK Times Launches iPad App

Another day, another iPad news app. This one comes from News Corp.’s Times. It costs nine quid, 99 p (about $14.44 in real money) every four months. That’s in the same ballpark as the iPad rate for fellow News Corp. paper The Wall Street Journal, which charges $3.99 a week, or $15.96 a month for its iPad service.

In an interesting Murdochian twist, that $14.44 only buys the iPad app, so people who want to use their computers to get behind the Times‘s paywall will have to pay the same price all over again.

paidContent also points out what may be a bit of advertorializing in today’s Times:

The Times’ iPad announcement today is accompanied by a story on how the iPad “may rewrite the future of newspapers”.

To be fair, there is another news peg for the Times article — the iPad hits stores in Britain today. We’ll leave you with an old Rupert Murdoch refrain from the story:

News Corporation, the parent company of The Times, said that the the introduction of paid-for digital editions of its newspapers was essential to get a fair price for its journalism, with
the present strategy of giving away articles free on the internet unsustainable.

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