Uncovered Books: A Minimalist eReader That Simplifies Book Discovery Based on Content Alone

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its covers,” and now there’s an app just for that. It’s called Uncovered Books, and as the title indicates, it’s a return to literature in a minimal, stripped down version that lets the innards of a book shine through.

Made by Maxwell Blume, Inc., the app, Uncovered Books, is a new approach to book discovery with a focus on content:

Uncovered Books is designed around a single idea: when looking for a new book, the only thing that matters is the work itself. Our app features a unique book discovery experience free from marketing noise. When selecting a book there are no titles, no author names, and no book covers. Readers finally have the opportunity to let the written word speak for itself.

Powered by a recommendation system and elegantly designed, Uncovered Books will lead you to amazing books you might never have discovered otherwise.

Unlike major resellers like Amazon, Uncovered Books (UB) is a ripe environment for new authors who are self-publishers. Imagine: a simple way to share and distribute your work with readers who are seeking exactly what your work is about. That’s what Uncovered is striving to be – a platform for eBooks that’s unlike the glamorous world of publishing. What does that look like? Clean, simple, and full of words at the cost of a good story.

Evidently, at Uncovered Books, that means $2.99 per story. If that’s not the value of a piece of work – it’s not going to be on UB. For readers who are unhappy with a book purchase, you can still return it, just as long as you have not read the entirety of the book, since that would be deceitful. This is slightly different from Amazon’s return policy, but let’s face it, Amazon’s position as book retailer is questionable, and at best they can possibly deliver books, but it’s no place for real readers and authors to share great stories.