Unemployment Benefits Expire for 1.3 Million Americans

Today is certainly not a good day for the long-term unemployed.

As of today, 1.3 million Americans are impacted as they’re cut off from unemployment benefits.

Fox News and the Associated Press report President Obama has reached out to two senators with his support in their proposal to expend the jobless aid for three months.

In a statement, White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest indicated:

“This morning, the President placed separate telephone calls to Senator Jack Reed and Senator Dean Heller to offer his support for their proposal to extend emergency unemployment benefits for three months. The President said his administration would, as it has for several weeks now, push Congress to act promptly and in bipartisan fashion to address this urgent economic priority.”

Apparently the Senate will vote about the proposal when Congress reconvenes next month.

The three states getting hit the hardest are California, New York and New Jersey. Per the piece, 214,000 California residents are losing their payments today, 127,000 New Yorkers and 90,000 New Jerseyans.