UPDATED: Unfriend Alert App Is Safe

The Unfriend Alert app is safe for Facebook users, after all, as Malwarebytes Labs amended a blog post that initially reported that the app skimmed users' login information.

UPDATED: The Unfriend Alert application is safe for Facebook users, after all, as Pieter Arntz of Malwarebytes Labs amended a blog post that initially reported that the app skimmed users’ login information.

Arntz wrote in the updated blog post:

Here at Malwarebytes, we do our best at pointing out the facts and true dangers behind all online threats, although we are only human, and very rarely we can be overzealous in our attempts to inform our users of online threats. Unfriend Alert reached out to us after this blog post to let us know what our analysis was incorrect, and upon further inspection, it turns out that our initial belief that Unfriend Alert was possibly stealing Facebook credentials was incorrect.

Unfriend Alert said in a blog post of its own:

Unfriend Alert works by storing a copy of your friends list on your computer. To access your friends list, you need to be logged into Facebook. Unfriend Alert launches a standard Web browser component from within its application that opens a standard Facebook login page. This is hosted by Facebook on Facebook servers. Credentials that are typed into this page are sent directly to Facebook and are not seen by or captured by our software in any way.

Readers: Have you ever been burned by surrendering your Facebook login info?

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