Unilever CMO: ‘Digital PR Is Like Word Of Mouth On Steroids’

Comments from Unilever’s outbound CMO Simon Clift have have been making the rounds this week. In an interview with the Financial Times, Clift hinted that PR could lead the way when it comes to social media:

There is a lost generation of marketeers…If you are 25 or 20, you know this stuff – you are brought up with Facebook and YouTube. If you are 50, you see your kids do it. Most of our brands are managed by people who have had to learn it.

PR used to be considered the poor relation of advertising. I think you could argue that word of mouth has always been the most effective form of communication. Digital PR is like word of mouth on steroids.

Clift also doesn’t know if social is the right playground for brands to be in to begin with. “…there is a question to be raised about whether you have any right to be there,” he said.

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