Unilever Mobile Effort Garners 87% Purchase Intent Lift

CPG utilizes captcha-based ads

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Unilever's mobile display ads for its Wish-Bone Italian salad dressing drew an 87 percent purchase intent lift for a spring campaign that recently wrapped, according to the company, which cited a total of 757 consumers surveyed by comScore.

Wish-Bone's marketing team had first dibs on testing Solve Media's newly expanded "type-in" mobile ad network, which, starting today for all advertisers, will involve a reach that not only includes mobile Web publishers but also mobile apps. The type-in system works like a traditional captcha, though it replaces the randomly generated letters and numbers typically seen on digital devices with paid brand advertising.

Wish-Bone ran full-screen interstitial ads involving a simple captcha call-to-action, such as "please enter: Sassy." After the mobile consumers typed in the message, they could see the publisher's content, and Unilever was charged a fee. The CPG firm's promos appeared via mostly female-focused news/content providers, including AOL properties, Bauer titles, Meredith sites, Internet Brands' online publications and Vertical Scope networks. Music service Songza was also in the media plan.

In the case of Wish-Bone's ads on Songza, if the consumer typed in a branded message, he or she received 24 hours of ads-free music. This aspect of the play underscores SessionM's study last week that found mobile ads work best when the consumer gets something valuable in return.

Gail Tifford, Unilever senior media director, North America, said purchase intent wasn't her brand's only aim. "The goal was to impart the message—[to] drive recall—that the product is zesty, sassy and tasty," Tifford said. "The campaign was successful for both [key performance indicators]."

And Songza itself is currently using Solve's interstitial-based type-in system to increase paid mobile subscribers, which get to listen to tunes without advertising. Indeed, the Long Island, N.Y.-based digital firm is asking consumers to stop for an ad now so their musical groove isn't disrupted with branded interruptions later.

"Our objective here is to monetize well without hurting the user experience our community depends on," said Elias Roman, Songza CEO. 

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