Unilever Takes Social-Media Route in Asia-Pacific

Unilever is using social-media activities to promote brands including Pond’s, Lux and Comfort in Asia, AdAge.com reported.

The company will turn one experiment into a regional marketing strategy, according to AdAge.com: It used bloggers in a blind test of Pond’s Age Miracle moisturizer, using sites such as Onlylady.com to seek volunteers to sample an unidentified anti-aging solution. Nine out of 10 were satisfied enough to continue endorsing the brand following the end of the trial.

Unilever vice president of marketing for home and personal-care brands Laercio Cardoso, who is based in Shanghai, told AdAge.com:

This is the first time used we’ve used social media in China. There is no doubt we will use it more to connect with consumers.

Unilever’s global Pond’s team in Singapore plans to create similar blind trials to market Pond’s Age Miracle in Southeast Asian markets such as Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, according to AdAge.com.

The Asia-Pacific region is also the source of dozens of Facebook fan sites and communities dedicated to Pond’s, with one in the Indonesian city of Bandung totaling close to 10,000 members, AdAge.com reported.

The company also invited beauty bloggers from countries including India, Malaysia and Indonesia to encourage followers to view the Lux spot featuring Bollywood star Priyanka and then create and upload their own “Behave Beautiful” clips to the Lux YouTube channel.

Global public-relations manager for the Lux global brand-development team in Singapore Tina Reejsinghani told AdAge.com:

It’s a fun contest that invites women to be beautiful rather than be an object of beauty. You don’t really see results right away…You have to let things play out…We don’t have as much hold and control as we might like, but that’s also the beauty of it.

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