Universal Music Group Enters Social Gaming With Music Pets and LoudCrowd

Universal Music Group, one of the world`s largest music publishers and distributors, has partnered with music gaming company Conduit Labs to provide high-quality Universal music in Conduit Labs social music games. The games that will include the music are Music Pets (which we recently reviewed), Super Dance and Loudcrowd.

Conduit Labs`games revolve around music, where users typically have the ability to either gain levels or currency by playing or listening to music. This is the case with Music Pets, where players raise little pets that travel to their friends`houses and blast real music to gain levels and experience. Across all their games, Conduit has over 1 million users, and the library of music that the games will access has now exploded with Universal music. This model benefits the end user as they hear popular music, Conduit Labs as they increase the value of their product and share on the revenue of music sold, Universal as they share on revenue sold and even the artist, who gets a cut of all their music played.

“Conduit has created a truly dynamic platform for consumers to discover and enjoy music,” stated David Ring, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Business Affairs for UMG’s eLabs. “And no one is better positioned to take full advantage of the many opportunities unfolding in social gaming than UMG. Our incredible roster of chart-topping artists and deep catalog provide our partners and consumers with a wealth of well known artists and brands that create real value and provide for a more engaging experience.”

Conduit Labs is certainly on a roll, and we expect to see more from them as the players on the cutting edge of integrating gameplay, music and social networking. There are competitors brewing, certainly, but at this point, Conduit Labs is leading the way, with Music Pets gaining over 1 million monthly active users in less than 30 days.

“We are excited to offer the fans of such a wide variety of artists the opportunity to turn music discovery into a fun and social experience again,” said Nabeel Hyatt, Founder and CEO, Conduit Labs. “Partnerships like this will help us continue towards our goal of building online games and music discovery experiences with social value beyond game play.”