Unofficial Facebook Like Stickers Go On Sale

We've come across a website selling stickers based on Facebook's design of the thumbs up, but we don't think the merchandise will stick around for long.

Less than two weeks after Facebook redesigned its like button, we’ve come across a website selling stickers based on — we can’t even tell whether it’s the old or the new design of the icon. Regardless, we suspect this unofficial merchandise won’t stick around for long.

Bad puns aside, we’ve seen Facebook’s legal team pretty consistently send cease-and-desist letters out those selling unofficial merchandise bearing the social network’s likeness and iconography.

Notice how unofficial merchandise steers clear of mentioning the Facebook, and overcharges for the swag — presumably to help cover legal costs? charges $14 for 130 stickers, when you could make your own for less money by purchasing sticker paper for your printer and printing out more up-to-date versions of the iconography right from Facebook (although we don’t know whether that’s legal either).

That said, we are couldn’t help giggling over this video showing fun applications for the stickers, literally. Let us know what you think of the footage in the comments section — and how long do you expect this sticky merchandise to remain on sale?