Unplugged: An Infographic on Smartphone Addiction & Subsequent Detoxing

In a survey of 800 users, Frontrange discovered that 84% of us thinks that smartphone addiction exists while 45% of us suffers from a debilitating case of Smartphone overuse – at least once every hour! When asked if they could quit their phone for a week, 61% of respondents said they needed a phone at least once a week while 19% said they’d drop it if they were paid $500. Tough bargain!

If you’re more like the $500 group, you’re probably suffering a bit from Nomophobia, the fear of going without your phone – which is exactly what 7 people did in order to cull the data for the rest of this infographic. Scary? You bet.

Needless to say, they experienced a lot of frustration from their detox, but what we didn’t know was how that tended to peak on Thursday. By the time Sunday rolled around, the detoxers experienced much anxiety and frustration – probably because e their detox was finally over!