Unruly Introduces Services for Brands to Leverage Vine

Company sees rapid growth in mobile video

Brands and marketers are starting to recognize Vine as an appealing advertising platform, and video analytics company Unruly wants a piece of the action.

The company announced on Tuesday that it is offering a comprehensive range of services for clients looking to increase their presence on Vine, including creating content for the platform, optimizing and distributing the content and ultimately evaluating campaigns.

"It's an end-to-end technology offering for Vine," said Sarah Wood, COO and co-founder of Unruly.

Wood pointed out that because the social media landscape changes very quickly, it can be difficult for brands to navigate new platforms. "We want to be there to help," she said.

For evidence of just how quickly the evolution is taking place, look no further than Instagram's new video feature. Wood insisted that Instagram video and Vine offer different opportunities, but she nonetheless predicted that mobile video consumption will continue to grow. Unruly also plans to take a look at how brands can use Instagram video (some have wasted no time getting started).

"In terms of the type of branded content that's gaining traction on Vine—it's still early days but sneak product peeks, teasers, trailers and intimate behind-the-scenes moments can all be used to complement long-form video content," Wood said later in an email.

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