Upcoming Documentary Will Offer a Big Hooray for Canadians in Hollywood

Once again this holiday season, they’re everywhere on the American pop culture firmament. Martin Short hosted SNL’s Christmas show; Seth Rogen is road-tripping on the big screen with Barbra Streisand; and Cirque du Soleil is winding down Iris at the Dolby Theatre.

To celebrate the contributions of these and many other south-of-the-border entertainment industry Canucks, the British Columbia duo of Ian Ferguson and Leslie Bland are preparing the 2013 book and documentary double whammy Gone South: How Canada Invented Hollywood. As they recently explained to a reporter for their Victoria hometown newspaper the Times-Colonist, the goal with the doc is to have fun:

In lieu of typical talking-heads footage, they plan to shoot conversations with stars engaged in activities, such as potential sequences in which Lost star Evangeline Lilly would point out Canadian stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. If he’s available, Short might speak while shooting pool, or Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek could chat while slapping pucks around.

“As he’s talking about Canadian game show hosts like Monty Hall, we’d shoot him playing hockey,” said Bland, illustrating the visual contrasts. “We’d see these Canadians keeping their culture alive in artificial, palm-laden L.A.”

Ferguson is something of an expert on the Great White North psyche, having previously authored with his brother Will the book How to Be a Canadian. He came up with this latest idea while visiting Los Angeles and has already lined up Canadian theatrical and TV distribution after a planned initial festival run.

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