Upcoming Kindle Firmware Update 2.5 Adds Facebook, Twitter, Interface Enhancements

Around here were were wondering about yesterday’s revelation that Amazon is suddenly tracking and posting Kindle users most highlighted passages. It turns out, this is the beginning of the roll out for the next Kindle software update, which adds a bunch of new features, including Twitter and Facebook integration, a better PDF reading experience, and the ability to organize books into collections.

Here’s an excerpt from Amazon’s official post about the update (which ain’t easy to find–it lives on Amazon’s help boards): the new firmware will offer “Facebook & Twitter Posts: Share book passages with friends on Facebook and Twitter directly from your Kindle.”

Amazon also posted a smaller notice on the Kindle discussion boards.

The update will also bring much needed enhancements to the PDF reader, enabling panning and zooming–the current PDF reader is all but unusable. The roll out is scheduled for late may, but Amazon says “a limited group of Kindle users” will get the new firmware before then.

This is clearly the first step in Amazon’s effort to make the Kindle a more versatile device in order to compete with iPad and Nook, which also just got a firmware update. Note Amazon’s new Kindle slogan in the graphic above.

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