Upcoming Motorola Cliq Android-powered Phone May be a Fave of Left Handers

Photo courtesy of Motorola

The Android powered Motorola Cliq isn’t even available for pre-order from T-Mobile USA for a couple more days. However, Engadget got an early release and has a review up at…

Motorola CLIQ review

The soon-to-be, um, pre-released (pre-ordering starts this weekend)…


…looks like a very interesting Android phone. First, it has a physical keyboard. That’s one of the things that attracted me to the G1 before its release. Second, its form factor looks like it was designed to be comfortable to hold. Third, its claimed battery life (up to 6 hours of continuous usage) sounds a lot better than the G1 which tended to have a dead battery by lunch time even with light usage.

Engadget notes Motorola’s odd design choice of revealing the Cliq’s navigation pad only when the keyboard is pulled out. This means that the Cliq is touch-only when the keyboard is hidden underneath. Still, this is far better than the HTC Touch Pro2 which has no navigation pad of any kind and breaks much of Windows Mobile’s usability. Here’s something else a bit odd about the Cliq’s navigation pad: It is on the left side. I wonder if right-handed users will find it more difficult to use than the more conventional placement of navigation pads to the right of the keyboard. Left-handers may rejoice though 🙂