Updates to YouTube Live Are Highlighted by Chat Replay

English-language automatic captions are coming soon

YouTube will soon add automatic captions to English livestreams YouTube

YouTube announced a series of updates to its YouTube Live livestreaming platform.

Replays of Live videos now feature chat replay, allowing replay viewers to read the conversation as it originally unfolded during the livestream.

YouTube will also roll out English-language automatic captions for livestreams in the coming weeks. Automatic captioning was originally launched in 2009 for uploaded videos, and 1 billion videos have been auto-captioned since the feature debuted.

In a blog post, Kurt Wilms, live video product lead at YouTube, said, “When professionally provided captions aren’t available, our new live automatic captions provide creators a quick and inexpensive way to make livestreams accessible to more people. With our live automatic speech recognition technology, you’ll get captions with error rates and latency approaching industry standards. We’ll roll this out in the coming weeks, and we will continue to improve accuracy and latency of automatic captions.”

Elsewhere, creators can now add location tags to their mobile livestreams and video uploads. Viewers, meanwhile, can sort search results by location filter or view additional videos with the same location tag by clicking on a tag.

Finally, creators seeking to monetize their videos can now set up Super Chats for their channels using IFTTT (If This, Then That). The Super Chat feature allows viewers to pay to have their message highlighted and pinned in the chat window. Creators can also allow these Super Chats to affect things in the real world (like a lamp in their room).

Wilms said, “Last year, we introduced a way for Super Chats to trigger real-life events. Now creators can set this up for their channels using IFTTT. More than 600 internet-connected services and devices (like lights, pet feeders and confetti cannons) can be connected to Super Chat. Super Chat is already available on desktop and Android devices, with support for iOS devices rolling out starting today.”

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