Upgrade to BlackBerry App World 2.1. V1.1 Stopped Working Last Friday

Attention BlackBerry-ians! Those of you who don’t look for apps much may not have noticed that the April 8 access change came and went. If you are still running BlackBerry App World client 1.1, you need to upgrade to 2.1 now. Version 1.1 stopped working this past Friday.

BlackBerry App World Upgrade

RIM says the update is available here.


However, if you are in the U.S. (like me), you may get thrown to the U.K. site for some reason. I manually changed the “uk.” prefix to “us.” to get to the correct country page for me.

Here’s what RIM lists as the top five improvements and feature enhancements in App World 2.1:

1. BlackBerry ID account syncing
2. Carrier billing (dependent upon user region and carrier), credit card, PayPal® payment support
3. Improved navigation with Top 25 lists and enhanced application carousel
4. App barcode scanning support
5. In-app payment support

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