UpTo calendar app relaunches with multilayered calendar view

Mobile productivity and calendar app UpTo has been redesigned and relaunched, focusing on more than meetings and appointments. The previous version of the app was described as “half calendar, half social,” which UpTo believes wasn’t enough for the crowded calendar app space. With this re-release, the UpTo app becomes a multilayered experience, as users can manage their own calendars, as well as follow those based on location, likes or interests.

The top “layer” of UpTo offers support for users’ personal calendars. Users can import their events from Google, iCloud, Exchange, and Facebook. If one platform is less personal than another, users can choose to sync certain events to the background layer of the calendar, rather than the front.

The UpTo content network allows users to follow calendars based on specific interests, like sports teams, television shows or local concerts. Users can follow these calendars, and can view their content by pinching or tapping on the top layer to reveal upcoming events in these secondary calendars. If an event needs to be moved to the top layer, users can swipe and “add” that back-layer event to the more important forefront.

UpTo users can connect with their friends to share events on an “event-by-event” basis. Individuals and organizations can publish their own calendars on the platform, allowing the app’s other users to follow them and become more engaged with the business or brand.

“Managing what’s coming up should be effortless, but for decades calendars have been nothing more than a flat, cluttered list of events.  Seeing what’s coming up involves referencing a conventional calendar for your own meetings and appointments and going to various websites and apps to see what’s coming up in the city you live in, with the sports team you care about, with your children’s school and even the important people in your life – it’s impossible to keep it all straight,” said Greg Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of UpTo.

“We’ve redesigned UpTo to bring it all together, to give you a holistic view of what’s coming up with everything you care about, without the clutter—the things you have to do, plus the stuff you want to do.”

The new UpTo is available to download for free on iOS, and is coming soon to Android devices. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.