Uptown ‘Moves Away’ From Three Regions

Update: The good folks at Folio: let us know that Uptown Media Group isn’t shutting down issues serving Miami, Dallas and Houston, but is moving away from coverage of those areas, which is served through the group’s national magazine.

We recently reported that Uptown was debuting two new local issues: one for Philadelphia, and one for Detroit. Now it seems that three other issues must die so that these two may live. Curses!

Uptown Media Group is shuttering its Miami, Houston and Dallas magazines, but will continue publishing local editions in New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles and Charlotte as well as its national edition.

founder and CEO Len Burnett discussed the changes with Audience Development:

We’ve basically shifted our bulk away from markets that were outside of our focus and included these new markets. Affluent audiences in Philly and Detroit are underserved and Uptown is looking to fill that void. These are two major markets that have a healthy amount of affluent African-Americans. And for Detroit, it’s particularly exciting because it is my hometown and, although the auto industry has taken its toll, there’s still a large number of African-Americans doing well in that city.

Burnett added that the group will continue organizing events — “about 50 or 60 a year” — in order to serve its current readership and to bring in prospective subscribers among its core demographic of affluent African-Americans living in major cities.