Urban Airship studies effectiveness of push notifications in latest Good Push Index

Image via Urban Airship

Mobile relationship management company Urban Airship has released the results of its latest Good Push Index, which measures the effectiveness of push notifications across a variety of mobile app types, from retail apps to games. This is the company’s most expansive Good Push Index to date, with data showing users who receive push notifications are retained at almost double the rate of those who don’t.

[contextly_sidebar id=”219e260b426085427deec6a4f4e957fd”]The six-month study analyzed more than 2,400 applications and 500 million push messages. It found users who have opted in for push notifications to be more engaged, opening associated apps 26 percent more each month than users without those push notifications.

The study separated apps into six major categories: retail, media, games, entertainment, sports and gambling. It found users of retail, gambling and entertainment apps had twice the user retention rate when receiving push notifications. In those same three categories, users who receive push messages were at least 35 percent more engaged based on monthly average app usage.

Retail apps had the highest retention and engagement rates thanks to push notifications, with 40 percent higher monthly app usage for users opted-in to receive messages.

Games were shown to have the lowest user retention rates, with only 14 percent of opted-in users and 9 percent of opted-out users remaining after six months. However, when users opt-in to receive messages, they are temporarily highly engaged, opening apps 35 percent more on average each month than those who don’t receive those messages.

Urban Airship has previously released its Pocket Guide to Push, offering some of the best practices for developers. More information about Urban Airship and its Good Push Index is available on the company’s website.