US Mobile Consumers Have Second Slowest Download Speeds in the World

Open Signal Released some interesting data this year, revealing that T-Mobile has the fastest 4G Network around.  Unfortunately, it’s not actually around very often.

For most Americans, Verizon offer the widest, most expansive coverage for wireless, but if you’re lucky to live in a good T-Mobile region, you can take advantage of their super fast average download speed of 11.5 Mbps. However, the fast speeds are inconsistent. T-Mobile consumers only have LTE access 59% of the time compared to Verizon’s 77%.

Even more frustrating is the fact that South Korean customers have LTE coverage 91% of the time compared to the US’s 67%. The US also fall way below Australia who leads the world in fastest LTE speeds at an average of 24.5 Mbps comapred to the US’s 6.5 Mbps. In fact, the US’s download speed has actually decreased since the last report made by the Open Signal app – from 9.6 Mbps to 6.5 Mbps, giving the US the second slowest global average.

Australia has the fastest average LTE speeds in the world, with the USA and the Philippines coming in the slowest of our qualifying countries. Claro Brazil are the fastest LTE network in the world, averaging an exceptionally fast 27.8Mbps – although their poor ‘Time on LTE’ performance shows that the roll-out is far from complete.

The USA networks uniformly perform poorly for speed – with Metro PCS recording the slowest speeds of all eligible networks, possibly a result of their small spectrum allocation, which uses a 5MHz band while most US carriers use 20MHz.

download speeds

download speeds


To participate in Open Signal’s global speed test survey, download the app here. 

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