USA Today’s New Defense Blog Comes Out Swinging

Trend alert: defense news is all the rage these days. Atlantic Media’s says Defense One is set to launch an “unprecedented” site later this summer and they’ve been on a bit of a hiring spree to make good on the promise.

Now, USA Today is staking out a space for its own national security coverage  with a new blog titled Military Intelligence. This morning, Tom Vanden Brook, the paper’s military reporter, set the tone with a few swipes at the pentagon for its lack of transparency. “The Pentagon’s message: Move along. Nothing to see here. Take our word for it,” he wrote.

And while it’s something of a favorite pastime of reporters who are denied access to stuff they think should be public to write about being denied access to that stuff—it’s important work, fighting for freedom of information, yes, but still—we get the feeling that the public would probably rather read stuff that’s… interesting.

It’s only the first post, so we’ll withhold complete judgment until we see more. The last time Vanden Brook tussled with the Pentagon, he found himself the target of an online misinformation campaign not unlike the kind he was accusing the Pentagon of conducting. So this could definitely get interesting. We’ve got our popcorn, here’s hoping Vanden Brook and USA Today give us something worth watching.