USA Today Restructures

It’s all about layoffs and iPads over at USA Today. The paper is undergoing a major overhaul, making a huge bet on the prospects of its mobile-device presence and shifting resources away from its ailing print edition.

The Associated Press reports:

The makeover outlined Thursday will result in about 130 layoffs this fall, USA Today Publisher Dave Hunke told The Associated Press. That translates into a 9 percent reduction in USA Today’s work force of 1,500 employees. Hunke didn’t specify which departments would be hardest hit.

USA Today‘s HR makeover will be the largest in its 28-year history, and publisher Dave Hunke tells the AP he expects the shakeup to to ready the paper for “the next quarter century.”

The paper has been aggressive in the past months about emphasizing its digital business. Its iPad app has been a major hit (inasmuch as any news outlet’s app can be a hit in the brief history if the iPad); the paper has partnered with alleged Google search scammer Associated Content to revamp its travel coverage; and created a dedicated social-media team. Seems the paper is now ready to devote yet more resources to becoming a digital force.