Use CashLog To Track Your Spending

When you create a budget one of the things you need to know is how much money you spend. Most bills are easy to figure out because you write a check and therefore have a paper trail of how much money you spend and when you spend it. A bigger challenge is tracking cash transactions. You may have ATM withdrawal slips that show how much money you took out, but what did you spend that money on? If you have an Android phone you can use CashLog to track your spending.

CashLog is a simple program that is designed to do one thing, track how much money that you spend. Before you start entering transactions you might want to create groups to designate the source of the money, for example joint or individual checking accounts. You can also use groups to track spending categories, such as food or gas, if you prefer. To enter a transaction tap Menu, Add and fill out entry page. Unfortunately, there are several options on the page that do not work because they are part of the paid version of the program called MoneyLog. When you tap Income you will see a message box suggesting that you upgrade to MoneyLog, and the Account field simply doesn’t work. You can, however, enter an amount, select which Group to assign to the transaction, and enter a Description. The current date is already entered, but it can be changed.

CashLog also provides some simple reporting on your spending. Tap Menu, Reports, and select from History Graph or Groups Balance. You will also see options for Account Balance and Export, but again both options only work in MoneyLog. The History Graph shows you cummulative spend over a period of time or periodic spend, while the Group Balance report shows a pie chart of the totals for each group over a period of time that you designate.

As I said, CashLog is a simple program for tracking what you spend and it has a limited set of features. If you would like to export the data you enter to Excel or track the money you have in accounts in addition to tracking what you spend, then give consideration to buying MoneyLog. It costs 2.99 pounds and is available in the Android Market.