Use Google Gesture Search For Quick Navigation

I continue to be very happy with my Google Nexus One phone, and it is by far the best phone that I have ever owned. Perhaps what I am most happy about is that despite how many applications I have installed, the phone has not slowed down. While the T-Mobile myTouch provided me a noticable performance improvement from the G1, I did find a point at which I had installed enough applications to cause the myTouch to lag.

A consequence of the Nexus One’s performance is that I am installing and using more apps than I have ever done before, and therefore I have app icons either multiple pages down the Nexus One’s app menu, or on one of the many home screens. I have found that the Google Gesture Search app to be really handy for quickly starting apps or finding information on my phone. Todd recorded a demonstration of Gesture Search in his post…

Google Gesture Search for Android 2.x Released: Seriously Amazing App

I find it really handy that Gesture Search keeps the last search result on the top of the screen, so if I want to relaunch an app that I previously started from the program I just tap the item at the top of the screen. As you see in Todd’s video, Gesture Search starts with a mostly blank screen on which you write the letters of what you are looking for using your finger.

For example, if I want to run the Google Market app, I start Gesture Search and write “M”, and which is often the case, the Market app appears at the top of the list. I then just tap the program to launch the Market app. If I wanted to, I could further narrow the search by writing additional letters. I believe it is faster to launch applications using Gesture Search rather than scrolling through Android’s App menu. Of course, you can also use Gesture Search to find a contact name or a browser bookmark.

If you are looking for a faster way to start applications, open contacts, or launch web sites on your Android phone, and you haven’t tried Gesture Search, I recommend that you give it a try. You will find Gesture Search in the Android Market.

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