Use Offline Events To Drive Online Engagement

Sometimes posting good content on your company’s or brand’s Facebook Fan Page simply isn’t enough to drive engagement

You’re seeing week-on-week organic growth of between 3%-5%, but there isn’t any sense of community. The people who “Like” your page aren’t responding to content.

If you find yourself in this position, instead of reflexively throwing together an “awareness campaign” via Facebook Ads, consider how an off-line event such as a meeting or organized outing to a relevant event might impact the page.

When people who have interacted online, are suddenly brought together in an offline environment, often there is a stronger bond that is created. People feel more connected to the cause or the topic that is bringing them together, because they’re being connected with other like-minded people.

If you have a base of fans to start off with, then you are well-positioned to develop test events and determine the value.

Whatever your industry, there’s likely an opportunity to bring people together in an offline event, which celebrates the connections made in the online environment.

Over time you are likely to see an increase in engagement levels on the Fan Page.

By creating these offline events, you are bringing the page to your fans’ attention. Instead of being just another page they clicked Like on, it’s a page with a pulse, reaching beyond Facebook to create connections and get people talking.

If you’re a non-profit group, NGO or cause-based organization, then you’re even more likely to be successful.

Ultimately it should go both ways: You are using online to create offline engagement, but you also want to use offline events to drive activity on your Facebook Fan Page.

Once you’ve arrived at a comfortable place where the organization is able to do that, you will see increases in activity and new Likes.

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