Use Submishmash to Streamline the Article Submission Process

Whether you’re a small community news organization or a prolific online publisher with a network of seasoned freelancers, it can be endlessly frustrating  to track and process contributors’ work simply through e-mail. Luckily Submishmash, a submission management tool, exists to assuage your freelance frustrations.

What is it?

According to their free tour, “Submishmash allows editors and curators to grapple effectively with an ever-increasing volume of submissions and to update old models for generating revenue, proving that there are no old media, only old ways of operating.” Essentially, what Submishmash offers is software that allows you to collect submissions of any type of media (text, audio, video, etc.) through a submission form, and then edit, comment on and assign these articles, effectively streamlining the editing and submissions process. You can also collect payment with submissions, which makes the software ideal for publications with reading fees or those that run writing contests.

Who uses Submishmash?

Longshot Magazine (previously 48 Hours Magazine) partnered with the site when collecting submissions for their own 48-hour-turnaround publication. The Good Men Project Magazine, an online publication focusing on the lives of modern men, also uses Submishmash for submission collection. We’re sure a lot of other publishers out there are also using the software, but citing privacy concerns, Submishmash is coy about their current customer base.

How can I use it?

Submishmash offers several different pricing packages based on your company’s needs and submission volume, including a free version for smaller literature and art publishers. And as a Use Case post on the company’s blog points out, the software can be used for a variety of submission needs beyond organizing freelancer contributions: schools and HR directors have used it to streamline the application process, and with multimedia integration, photographers and video editors can collect photos and video through the software.

Do any of you use Submishmash? What do you think?

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