Use The Magic Catalog To Get Free Books On An iPad

If you use the Kindle app on an iPad, you already know about the thousands of books that you can by from Amazon and read on your iPad. While you can books from Amazon, you may not know that there are thousands of free books, most of them older classics, that you can also download and read on your iPad. The simplest way to get them is to add the Magic Catalog of Project Gutenberg E-books to your Kindle library.

To get the Magic Catalog, open in Safari on your iPad and then tap the download link for the MOBI version, which adds The Magic Catalog to your Kindle library as shown in the screen shot. The catalog is a book that contains links to other books that you can download to your Kindle library on the iPad.

Each book title and author is a link, which you tap to download the book. You then see a blank page with the open with button at the top left of the screen, tap the button to open the web page in Safari that has the download link for the book. Next, tap Open In Kindle, which returns you to the blank page in Kindle that you previously opened. At that point tap Done, and you will then see the book that you just downloaded. One draw back to these free books is that they don’t have a cover picture or title in the Kindle library, instead you see thumbnails with a picture of a PDA, as shown in the screenshot.