Use This 3D Hair App to Test a Funky New Hairstyle

It seems like camera phones are doing more than taking photos these days, so it’s only a matter of time before the photos they do take get more dimensions – like three! It’s not perfect, but the Vizago’s 3D NewDo app does exactly the kind of 3-dimensional manipulation you’d expect from your highly advanced smartphone device.

With the app, a user can use the camera to take multiple images that are then used to create a three-dimensional model of their head to try on new hairdos without the hair risk. It’s a simple premise, and from the looks of it, the technology still need more development.

For example, reviews of the app are positive in optimism, but not accuracy. Depending on the lighting conditions, you might not get a proper photo for the 3D model, and depending on your camera skills, you might get geometrical inaccuracies of your own face – strange to say the least, since we are accustomed to seeing our own faces fairly accurately in selfies.

For now, the app is mostly a proof of concept; it’s worth trying just to simply to see the weird discrepancies. There are 73 women hairstyles and 44 men’s hairstyles, and the free app comes with about 4 free styles, but each additional style is $.99. That’s pretty hefty price for an imperfect product.