Use Toggle Settings For Android Profiles

If you are familiar with Windows Mobile’s profiles, Toggle Settings provides the same functionality for phones running Android. When you start the application you see two tabs of settings that you can control with a tap of a button. A profile is a grouping of setting changes that can be applied all at once. For example, you can have a Work profile that turns Wi-Fi off, turns Bluetooth On, changes the Ringer mode to Vibrate only, and sets the notification volume to half-way, and when you tap the Work profile button in Toggle Settings, all of the changes are made by the program.

While the ability to change settings is great, the real power in Toggle Settings is with rules. For example, you can define a rule so that at 8 AM Toggle Settings automatically applies the Work profile. Toggle Settings supports time based rules, calendar based rules (change settings on a specific date), power based rules (change settings based on how much battery strength is available or when the phone is charging), rules for when the GPS is enabled, or the headset is plugged in, or the phone is docked.

I recently started using the Nexus One car dock and was happy to find that Toggle Settings is capable of detecting when the phone is inserted into the car dock and can then apply a profile. I changed the Location profile in Toggle Settings so that it sets the screen to never timeout, turns the screen to maximum brightness, turns the volume all the way up, and turns Bluetooth on. Whenever I insert my Nexus One into the car dock Toggle Settings automatically applies the Location profile, and when I remove the phone Toggle Settings automatically applies the previous profile.

You can configure Toggle Settings to be accessible from the Android notification bar, so you can always expand the notification window to see which profile is in effect. To switch to the Toggle Settings program just tap the profile name on the notification window. A bonus feature of Toggle Settings is that it can display all running programs, where you can then select a program to close, preventing the need to have a second task killing program like TasKiller running on your phone.

Toggle Settings is a free program but it does display advertisements, and because of the ads some have found the program to run slower than they would like. You will find Toggle Settings in the Android Market.