Useful Twitter Account of the Week: @dailygrommet

If you love discovering new products and being the first one among your friends to own cutting-edge things of all types, the @dailygrommet is one Twitter account we highly recommend you check out. It features one product per day that hasn’t hit the big time yet, but deserves to be in the spotlight.

The Daily Grommet is a website that devotes itself to discovering new products and sharing them with its readers. And these products aren’t your average “stainless steel cheese graters” you’ll find on similar sites – from solar powered portable chargers to ergonomic gardening gloves, The Daily Grommet has its finger on the pulse of what’s up-and-coming in consumer products.

Take today’s Daily Grommet for instance: Fitter First a set of products to improves you balance and core strength while at work. I know that after a few hours of typing up AllTwitter articles, I could definitely use a little in-chair exercise!

The @DailyGrommet Twitter account features one new product each day. It’s a perfect account to follow if you don’t have time to browse through the pages and pages of ultra cool products on their website, but you still want to be plugged into the loop of what’s hot.

Each week, we’re profiling one unique and useful Twitter account that we recommend you give a quick follow to. If you know of any useful Twitter accounts you’d like us to share, drop us a line in the comments section of this post, or at @alltwtr and we might profile it on the blog!